Different dosage of kratom leaves and their effect

The herb kratom emporium is known to be commonly found in the southern part of the Asian continent. They are used for a variety of reasons like getting relief from painful diseases and birth defects. They help to get rid of persisting coughs and bowel problems.

The kratom herb is generally consumed as leaves, capsules, powder, and paste and as a mix of other similar herbs. Thus they can be consumed in a number of ways. Their varying dosage and their effects are:

  • Lower dosage

The raw leaves when taken in low quantity have a relaxing effect on the individuals. It has been reported that the low dosage can have an energising effect on the users with them being more alert, social and having higher levels of energy. They also help to reduce the levels of appetite in a person.

Kratom Emporium

  • Higher dosage

Higher usage of the kratom emporium has a damaging effect on the kidneys and lungs. The constant use of such leaves can lead to the disability of the body to flush out toxins which results in their accumulation and further kidney damage.


It has been studied that in some countries when they are used as a substitute to opium and similar drugs they can lead to their addiction. As they have a similar effect like morphine they can be easy to get addicted to due to their euphoria producing qualities.


The herb kratom emporium is used to help people with sleep disorders but higher dosage can lead to vomiting and suffocation while asleep thus one can suffocate on their own vomit.


  • Overdose of kratom

Overdosing on kratom can lead to intensification of the negative effects of the herb. It can also result in aggression, delusions, hallucinatory visions, tremors, kidney failure resulting in dark coloured urine. It can also result in death in rare cases.