Essay Writing Services: Good or Bad?

In this piece, we will be deciding whether buying essays from online websites is good or bad. But if you don’t have time for that, here is the answer, in one phrase: It depends.

We will do a simple two-part analysis: when is it bad and when is it good. We got some professional essays written from one of the most trustworthy service providers out there, Prescott Papers, and we base our arguments on that level of quality.

  1. When is it bad?

Yes, getting essays written online is bad sometimes.

  • It’s bad when you order an essay and don’t even go through it properly before submitting.
  • It’s bad when you are not willing to learn anything new from it.
  • It’s bad when you are supposed to submit an essay where it must be original.
  1. When is it good?
  • It’s good if you don’t have time and need it done.
  • It’s good if you are willing to learn from it and study it, and pick up the pointers that make it professional.
  • It’s good if you can’t manage a good quality essay yourself and if you don’t buy one, you will end up submitting a poor quality one.
  1. Why to trust us?

As we mentioned buying a few papers from, we didn’t mention what they were about. Well, basically about medical issues and entertainment (topic choice was random!). One piece was for augmented reality and the future of gaming if it becomes a big thing.

We also gather inputs from our fellow clients and co-workers. They have got online essays written for them at some point of their life. Experiences varied. Some were good, some bad, and some terrible. So, when we did research on this, we made sure we arrive at the averages. And that’s why you should trust us.